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Times They Are a-Changin’

Welcome back! I took a little break from writing because there have been quite a lot of changes in my life.

I recently got a job in TriBeCa, NY as an editorial assistant (aka lower level reporter) at marketing news publication Mobile Marketer. I’m still living at home and actually moved my boyfriend into my house as well so we can save up some extra money

Office Selfie1

Office selfie of course

So my commute is pretty long and whenever people ask me about it they’re always keen to point out how terrible it sounds and that it’s five hours round trip. I don’t mind it too much but I had never done the math and that was quite alarming once pointed out to me. I did just get offered the option to work from home every other week so that’s exciting!

Andddd a commuting selfie!

Andddd a commuting selfie!

I love starting new opportunities and this is definitely a new adventure. I’m sad to say goodbye to my life at the restaurant but ready to move on to bigger and better things.

This month is full of goodbyes. A few weeks ago we said farewell to my boyfriend’s childhood home. I wish all the luck in the world to the new couple who is starting their life there but I could hardly see when I drove away from crying so hard.

To those of you who maybe confused I started dating my boyfriend when I was 15 and that house has been a huge part of my life ever since.

Also, this Wednesday Mike and I will be saying adieu to good friends of ours, Dylan and Karisa who are taking their lives to Colorado. I wish them the best of luck in their new life but am really sad to see them go. Dylan and Mike have been attached at the hip for years and it is hard to watch them separate.

Mike, Me, Karisa and Dylan (left to right)

Mike, Me, Karisa and Dylan (left to right)

The only other picture of all of the four of us. We're celebrating Karisa's birthday at the rooftop bar of the Empire Hotel

The only other picture of all of the four of us. We’re celebrating Karisa’s birthday at the rooftop bar of the Empire Hotel

Wednesday also happens to be the day that the Chicken or the Egg, my former restaurant-home, opens for the season.

So thank the Earth for nicer weather, my friends, boyfriend and music because the combination of it all makes me feel strong and excited for whats to come.

To celebrate my future-self, Alabama Shakes dropping its sophomore album and the fact that I’m pretending I went to Coachella, here is a song that is a huge part of my life right now:

Stay tuned for more posts about Coachella, life in the corporate world, lipstick, baking and warmer weather.

And of course just because it is brilliant and stuck in my head, ladies and gentleman, Bob Dylan:

Happy Spring!

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