Why Carrie Fisher is my spirit animal

While everyone is completely freaking out over Star Wars releasing (and me too), I am also basking in the glow of the abundance of Carrie Fisher interviews.

For people outside of the Star Wars bubble, Carrie Fisher is the actress who plays Princess Leia and gave birth to my favorite Scream Queens actress, Chanel #3 and she is bat shit crazy.

It’s been proven time and time again celeb couples often produce drama-filled, psycho-spouting offspring, almost as much as child-acting careers produce nutbags. Carrie Fisher is both, kind of. Spawned from Eddie Fisher and actress Debbie Reynolds, she starred in the first Star Wars at only 21.

Well, she’s 59 now, and the bitch be cray in the most glorious way.

This is the most popular interview with GMA, which she does along with her Insta-famous frenchie who falls asleep halfway through. The entire segment features Leia spouting amazing nonsense, commenting on the interviewer’s looks saying Amy Robach’s parents mated well, out right mentioning that asking about her weight loss is stupid and making hilarious digs at herself about aging and “declining” attractiveness.

She was also on Kelly and Michael where she jokingly announced that the dog puked, after apparently he actually did shit on their floor.

On the red carpet for the Star Wars premiere an entire interview goes to hell when she takes the reigns and it is absolutely glorious. Carrie starts asking co-star Oscar Isaac interview questions which instantly turns to chaos and results in everyone talking over each other. To top off the chaos she talks about how a younger version of herself partied too much and now she looks like shit, which was spectacular. But then Oscar Isaac ruins the fun by clarifying that the definition of shit is feces… Yes Oscar.. we know…

Then Mario Lopez awkwardly stumbles his way through his interview with Ms. Fisher when she decides to stop giving any fucks, using dry humor to answer every single question.

She is my spirit animal and my only wish is to grow up to be half as much of a sideshow as she is.

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