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How to reduce and keep off that dreaded cellulite

With the thought of summer on the horizon, I am determined to get my ass in tip top shape for bikini wear. One of the most difficult problems I have with my not-so-tiny backside is cellulite, that is so bad it has traveled almost to my knees.

Those dimply dots have plagued me for what has felt like since birth, and I’m over it. I feel so much more confident and carefree in anything showing my legs once I have eradicated the problem like the infection it is (I have really strong opinions against cellulite as you can see). But I have faith and optimism because I have gotten rid of it before and I will do it again!

My irish thunder thighs make me much more susceptible to cellulite, since it really is just fat beneath your skin’s surface. Cellulite causes puckering on the skin because it lays on top of connective tissue, creating that unflattering bumpy look. While it is not really possible to completely get rid of cellulite you can reduce the appearance, that is if you keep up with it.

Last winter I was pretty excited with my results once I created a routine that worked for me. But once I stopped keeping up with it, those unfortunate bumps returned.

Morning, sunshine
Whenever I start to get in shape and healthy again I try to drink Apple Cider Vinegar in the morning. The benefits of ACV are endless, I also make sure to drink a lot when I feel like I’m getting sick and it helps A LOT. If you are not an APC fan already then you have to wade into this one slowly by starting with a small amount highly diluted in water. I drink one to two tablespoons mixed with six or eight ounces of warm water in the morning, it is recommended to do so a half hour prior to eating. If you haven’t done anything like this before start with less than a tablespoon, it can destroy your stomach if you are not careful.

The mixture helps kickstart your immune system and promotes healthy weight loss while giving your body an extra boost to shed some cellulite. Some people also add honey, lemon and cayenne pepper. I’ve also seen that concoction help in keeping off and getting rid of a cold.

Coffee, please
I am definitely a coffee addict, and I do not plan on seeking help. Not only does coffee help give me the ability to interact with you know, other human beings, it also helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. Unfortunately you have to do more than just drink it. A lot of people are making their own coffee scrubs out of leftover grinds from their morning brew, but my motto is why DIY when you can BIY? I found a really great scrub at a local soap shop near me, Little Egg Harbor Soap Company, made of ground coffee and coconut oil. While I think it was meant for your face and body, I use it primarily for my butt, stomach and thighs while I am in the shower.

After-shower serum
Nivea’s whole goal is to help women fight off cellulite. Its bevy of products are cheap but super helpful. Usually a small price tag makes me really wary of its results but that thought was proved very wrong this time. I use Nivea’s Skin Firming and Smoothing Concentrated Serum with Q10 Plus after I get out of the shower, wherever I see cellulite and it really helped. I even see small results right away and it cost only about ten dollars.

This whole routine got me excited me within less than two weeks because I was happy with the results. Pair this schedule with self tanner and a workout plan and you will see some serious results, but you have to stick to it or it will come back.

On a side note, I noticed a huge difference between a pale ass and a bronzed tan butt. So while I don’t promote dangerous measures that can cause skin cancer, a harmless self tanner can really help.

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