How I Pinterest plan my closet

It took me a bit to catch onto Pinterest. It was just one of those things that I didn’t get, like how many people feel about Snapchat or Instagram if they don’t use it. But now the digital pinboard is an essential part of my closet inspiration and organization.

While I do browse Pinterest for things like ideas on what to read next and DIY decorations, now I mostly use it for style planning. I was sick of browsing the site aimlessly and thinking I want this and that, knowing I was probably never going to buy it all or better yet that I shouldn’t. Then once, I saw a look that I loved and wished I could replicate it. But I happened to notice that I owned pieces that matched the outfit, I had just never thought to style it like that.

So now when I am browsing Pinterest, I am on the lookout for outfits I love to help me optimize my closet. Whenever I see a look I like, I scan it for any items that match something that I have and think of how I can reproduce it for myself.


I have a board on my account named My Closet. When I see a possible future look, I pin it in this board and write in the description which clothes for my actual closet that I had in mind.

For example, this is a pin that caught my eye, but isn’t 100% my style.


I have a matching black skirt, a bunch of tights, similar black booties plus a million flannels and plaid shirts. While my flannels/plaid shirts lack pockets or any kind of embellishment, the post gave me a couple of ideas for inspiration. Especially because I love finding new ways to style my flannels, besides the typical look with jeans and boots. So I repinned it along with a description to remind me of what pieces in my closet I had in mind.

Here is a shirt I used for the look:

london rose

Both shirts from London Rose Boutique

I used the checkered flannel on the right.

What are some ways that you get style inspo?

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