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How to power through a long work day


Just kidding. Through working in a wide range of fields over the years, whether as a crew member on a big shoot when I was interning and in school for broadcasting, or now when the marketing publication I work for puts on a big conference, I have learned some tricks of the trade for getting through those long ass work days.

Oh mah gah shoes
I think the best piece of advice is to definitely invest in a comfortable, professional pair of shoes depending on the field of work you are in. Usually the cheaper the shoe the less comfortable it is, so I mean it when I say invest.

A bootie with a short heel like this Biala’ Gia Bootie is perfect for me because it’s my style and I like a heel, but when it comes to long days I try to keep it short.

Insert comfort here
I also use inserts to make sure to have as little pain in my legs as feet as possible. I got a really good pair from The Walking Company, which also has a lot of good comfortable shoes, just not as stylish. They have a machine that tests the pressure points on your feet and they can recommend which product is best for you. You can also get inserts from a pediatrist.

Early to bed, early to rise
Going to sleep early is kind of a given. It is really hard for me to fall asleep when I know I have to wake up early. So I try to get up as early as I can the day before, so it is easier to fall asleep. I also take melatonin before I lay down, which is a natural sleep aid to help you fall to sleep and stay asleep. Sometimes I also take Gabba which helps keep your mind from racing.

Give me coffee!
On second thought, hold off on this one. I’m a coffee addict. I LOVE coffee. But on super early days I try and keep off on caffeine for when I feel like I need it. Usually when I’m groggily getting up and throwing on clothes, yeah I need it ASAP. But if I am feeling awake and refreshed I try to hold off until I am really starting to drag, and same goes for the refills.

Agua, por favor
Staying hydrated helps balance out against all that extra coffee a lot of us drink. Sometimes the worst part of working long hours can really just be being to busy to remember to drink water. If you keep on the liquids, you should feel refreshed throughout the day. The same goes for eating. Stay away from heavy fatty foods, and focus on energy-producing protein.

If you want to be eco-friendly like me there are bunch of adorable and functional water bottles you can buy literally everywhere. I have a few from Target.

Comfy clothes are key
Last but not least, I always try to get away with some kind of legging. Loose clothing is definitely ideal for these long days to stay comfy all day long. I have a big inventory of comfy sweater dresses that look really professional that I can pair with thinner leggings that have more of a professional look rather than the sweatpants look. At my last conference I also paired it with a long, loose blazer, and carried some small versions of my makeup with me so I can reapply when it smudges for days that go longer than 8 hours.


This is me trying to get through a long conference day

What are your tricks to power through?

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