How to recreate the perfect at-home spa day

I love being pampered and spending days at the spa, but I’m not made of Red Door (my favorite) gift cards. So sometimes I recreate the spa at my home on a day off or a weekend.

Pump it up
First I like to start off with a workout, but a fun one. Something like a quick but intense hike, a spin class or piloxing. Activities that get my blood pumping but also help me relax and enjoy myself.

Wind it down
If you are lucky like me and your gym comes equipped with a sauna or hot tub or pool, I strongly advise you to take advantage of it on a day like a makeshift spa day. If I am at the gym I’ll spend some time in the sauna, but I’ll jump in the hot tub if I went for a hike or did a workout at home. If you don’t have any of this just take a nice relaxing bath with bath bombs, candles and relaxing music! Many times I will do both.

Shed it off
My spa days mostly focus on my skin, with an at-home facial. First I start with a chemical exfoliant. That is just my preferences because I like to see the dead skin come off and I feel as though it leaves my skin softer, but to each their own. I also use my Clarisonic Mia, which saved my skin.

Mask your flaws
Masking is the best part of spa days. I like to go all out and mask my entire face and even place cucumbers on my eyes while relaxing to a calm playlist. I use a mud mask from Hand and Stone on my t-zone to draw out blackheads from my large pores, but then on the rest of my face where I am prone to breakouts I use a Murada calming mask. The ending result makes my face so smooth, and visibly reduces some inflammation and breakouts that sometimes I can’t stop touching my skin (which defeats the whole purpose).
face masks

Quench the thirst
After the 15 minutes allotted for my facial masks I wash it all off as gentle as possible, but also softly scrub in the masks to get the freshest face. I follow it up with a strong moisturizer. I’ve been using coconut oil, which is so much cheaper than fancy moisturizers and I have yet to find one that compares to the oil.

Move your feet
Keeping my feet soft can sometimes be a chore. But I use a few at-home products that keep me from having to keep going back to the salon. First I like to slough off the dead skin through a ped egg following an exfoliating sponge. Then I use a foot mask, I like this one from Lush named Volcano. You spread it on your feet and then wrap it up in saran wrap for ten minutes. Then I file and cut my nails and put on a pretty polish.

Nails on fleek
I try and save my nails for last to make sure I don’t smudge them before they are dry. I try to replicate the nail salon as much as possible at home, for the best claws. I use Essie’s cuticle melter and a tool that pushes the excess skin off the nail. Then I do the traditional filing and shaping, and throw on my favorite shade. I always use a top coat and have been using Sephora’s fast drying top coat, which has been super helpful in reducing paint smearing.

How do you pamper yourself on a budget?

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