A self-conscious girl’s guide to traveling alone

Recently I went to Boston for a business trip that I had taken the previous year for a conference. Beantown had been on my bucket list for a long time and I was really excited to finally see it on the company’s dime.

But when I got there it dawned on me that I was traveling alone and my schedule was fairly booked. When I came back to Jersey I hadn’t really seen anything. This time around I was determined to not let that happen again.

I noticed this year I had big gaps in my schedule that allowed time for me to explore a little bit, but it would mean I would need to do so completely on my own. I remembered how miserable I was last year when I got back home without even really knowing what Boston was like. So I made the choice to swallow my pride and venture out in Boston on my own.

To be honest it was kind of liberating.

Let it go
At first I was really nervous and a lot of social pressure weighed on me. I didn’t want to look ‘weird’ doing tourist stuff all by myself. But I already bought tickets to a hop-on-and-hop-off tour so I really had no choice.

When I got on the tour it took me a bit but it dawned on me that no one really cared that I was there alone. Everyone else was interested in the same thing as me, to take a tour. You care a lot more than it matters to other people, and that is a big realization I feel everyone should carry with the through their daily life.

Finally, I took a deep breath and just immersed myself in the tour of the city with all its history and had a blast.

Be prepared
To be honest I wouldn’t classify myself as overly prepared all the time or highly independent. I’m the girl that on the way to the bar is asking to use your charger, lipstick, bobby pin, hair tie and probably some cash. But I knew no one would be there to help me out.

Snapchat always in tow

Snapchat always in tow

So before my all-day tour I packed a backpack with everything I could need like a portable charger, extra hair ties, a water bottle and a small sweatshirt. (A little bit of mace and Birkenstocks didn’t hurt either.)

Seflies are friends
Luckily selfies are a thing now so I was able to take a thousand pictures and show off that I really was there. There are a lot of benefits to the 21st century.

My selfie at the Boston Tea Party Museum & Ships

My selfie at the Boston Tea Party Museum & Ships

But the moral of the story is that I highly to encourage you not to miss out on things just because you don’t have a friend to come with you. Just be aware of your surroundings and be prepared. Don’t let that voice in your head think that you can’t take adventures on your own.

PS I highly recommend the Boston Tea Party Museum & Ships and the Union Oyster House (the oldest restaurant in the US) if you are ever in Boston.

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