Autumn has arrived

Happy first day of fall, my favorite season!

The minute labor day comes I love to get a jumpstart on the fall season. But with the weather still a little balmy and it being too early for full-on Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations I can’t do a full cold weather switch. I like to make subtle changes around the house and my routine that makes it feel like autumn is here.

fall essentials

I love listen to acoustic-type music during the fall that reminds me of sitting by the fire. Here’s a link to a playlist I’ve made full of my fall favorite songs.

Besides my music, the first thing I usually switch out is the handsoap around the house. It’s a small change but smell is the sense most connected with memory so swapping out for fall scents such as apple, pumpkin, cinnamon bring me right back to autumn.

Everyone knows that Bath & Body Works always has a good lineup of season centric favorites and right now its carrying scents Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Cozy Vanilla Cream, Crisp Morning Air, Bright Autumn Day, Maple Sugar Kiss and Sunlight & Apple Trees. They may be a little corny, but I want them all.

But I also really like soaps that fit in well with my decor and look …well pretty. I found this line of Pumpkin Harvest soap that I think is adorable by Fine Home Keeping.


Continuing with the scent notion, candles are a huge hit in the fall as well. My favorites are from a local hand poured soy candle brand named Surf’s Up, its Pumpkin Soufflé and Pine Cones are top on my list this year. You can buy them at my favorite local boutique London Rose.

I also got a new comforter, throw pillow and blanket to make it look more like fall in my room. It is a small change but makes a huge difference.


Now that pumpkin flavored everything is back on the shelves, I take full advantage. I don’t care what anyone says, I’m a basic bitch. (I would just like to note that the hatred against pumpkin flavored culture is very sexist. Everyone celebrates the male driven bacon-obsessed tradition but women are bashed for pumpkin flavoring.)

It isn’t just pumpkin flavored, apple and cinnamon are also well-known yummy fall flavors. Obviously PF coffee is first and foremost. Dunkin’ Donuts’ Pumpkin Spice Latte is hands down my favorite, but to save money I settle for its PF keurigs or bag of coffee to make at home.

Sometimes I buy the Coffee-Mate Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer too and there is also a couple yummy cookie flavors too.

I opt for more fall recipes as well like dishes with butternut squash, apples and caramel. I love using Allrecipes for inspiration and it even has a section for Fall Seasonal Cooking, which congregates a bunch of great meals for autumn.

BeFunky Collage

I can’t forget beers for this time of year as well. I love Sam Adam’s Oktoberfest of course. I love any pumpkin beers too, especially Blue Moon’s and Curious Traveler’s Jack-O-Traveler, which is a shandy. But if anyone knows of any local pumpkin brews send them by!

Hard ciders like Angry Orchard and Redd’s Apple Ale are great, but I love warmed homemade cider and sipping it by the firepit. Food & Wine has a great list of fall cocktail recipes with a really good warmed cider.

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