Closet Catch Up: Sorry Karen, but MK is so last year

Here’s your catch up of what’s going on in the fashion world this week.

Karl Lagerfeld ModelCo


Yet another makeup designer

The Player: Karl Lagerfeld, the creative force behind every major label, aka Chanel, Fendi and his eponymous label (which just means he named it after himself). You’d recognize him from his white hair and sunglasses.
The Story: The fashion guru is now getting his hands into the beauty world as well.

Karl Lagerfeld, the fashion label, is partnering with an Aussie makeup brand, ModelCo for a new makeup line. This is big news(ish) because Karl has never gone into cosmetics. But it’s 2017 and everyone wants their hands on everything.

2018 will be full of surprises… @modelco_cosmetics & #KARLLAGERFELD limited edition beauty collection.

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With pale skin like that normally I’d a little weary, but one of the things ModelCo is known for is its tanning products.

The cosmetic line will focus on creating makeup that embodies his modern sleek style. Now you have another makeup line to contemplate adding to your hoarding stash. Or wait, is that just me?



Michael Kors is shrinking

The Player: Michael Kors, every basic girl’s staple designer
The Story: I hate to break this to you, girl, but Michael Kors is not doing so hot. Since it’s no longer as popular as it once was, the company is now aggressively pulling back on a crazy expansion it launched back when MK filled the closets of every white girl.

Basically, accordingly to Fortune, it opened too many stores too quickly and turned what was a luxury brand well… basic. Now it’s closing more than 125 stores.

You can read more about the numbers and boring stuff here.

Source: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images North America

Source: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images North America

Max Azria vs. Zika

The Players: Max Azria, the founder of BCBG Max Azria. You should really know this, because it was pretty much the first high-end designer line offered for a price that us plebeians can afford.
Zika, the virus your mom was sure you were going to get on your spring break vacation to Mexico.

The Story: This is actually kind of boring, because like business, but everyone is talking about it so I guess it’s important.

Max Azria cut ties with BCBG and has been out of the fashion spotlight since last year. Now he’s going to be a CEO again, but going in a completely different light. LOL puns. 

The former fashion designer will now be a bug zapper aficionado. Max is now the CEO of ZappLight, a bug zapper and light all in one. He says he looks forward to taking the business in a direction that will help put bug zappers in every home and fight bug-spread viruses like Zika.



Birkin remains unaffordable

The Player: Hermes’ Birkin Bag, the bag that you can never afford but is the ultimate symbol of being filthy rich.

The Story: Birkin is known for its high priced ticket. It is almost like buying and selling a classic car. Its resale values can get out of control.

Well, that value reached an all time high this week when a Birkin went for $380,000 in Hong Kong. That is more than any bag sold, ever. Can you guess what bag previously held the record? Yes, it was another Birkin sold for $300,000. Congrats, you win an MK wristlet.

The bag is made of white crocodile skin and adorned with diamonds and 18 karat gold on the handles and buckles.



Alexa Chung adds designer to her resume

The Player: Alexa Chung, the IT girl who doesn’t want to be called an IT girl. One of those “can do it all” girls you love but also want to watch fall down a flight of stairs because jealousy.

The Story: The model/writer/television personality has finally launched her own line, which has been in the works for over a year.

This is big because she has always been a fashion icon and now you can buy her own designs. It’s a ready-to-wear line, which means you can go online and buy now. Alexa is describing the line as within the “treat yourself” price range while still being able to afford rent.

Alexa, have you ever had to worry about paying rent before?

Other things to note: Apparently the 90s are back in more ways than one because jellies and platforms are back in sandal land. Also, you should really check out the fashion from Cannes.

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