Fight off anxiety

I have had the unfortunate experience to have dealt with anxiety for as long as I can remember. I can plague you with the details about how I feel and the strange things that can bring it on, but it is likely that at least half of you already know what it is like. It sucks.

But the good thing about dealing with it for so long is that I know how to deal with it now. Doctors and googling have given me the tools to keep it at bay.

Accept it
I was once told by a counselor to instead of panicking to get better to just try embracing it. This trick really helped me prevent moderate anxiety turning into a full blown panic attack. Just remember that you are only anxious and whatever situation you are in (if any, much of my anxiety is brought on by nothing) is not dire. You will be ok. Take a deep breath, accept that you are a little anxious and remind yourself that you will be fine and it will end.

Breathe to your toes
While many people know to take deep breaths, I only recently discovered a new breathing device in which you breathe to your toes. I put my feet and toes in the main focus of my mind, take a deep breath and imagine my breathe traveling to my feet. The trick helps ground me, and become more aware of my physical presence rather than staying in my head.

standing boardwalk

I am a big supporter of holistic eating. I believe that a lot of mental health issues can be combatted and helped by eating correctly, and more importantly not eating wrong. Coffee, alcohol and overly processed sugary items can sky rocket my blood pressure and anxiety. Anxiety can also be a symptom of food sensitivities, allergies, thyroid issues and other health issues. So it is important to see a doctor when you are having persistent anxiety. I also take magnesium supplements which can help decrease anxiety or using this magnesium-based drink.

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