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Get the most out of your three-day weekend

Who doesn’t love extra day off on the weekend? Weekends fly by so fast that I find myself getting depressed on Saturday night thinking about how my time off is limited (this is also a symptom of need-a-new-job syndrome)

So I really try and maximize my three-day weekends, and with memorial day coming up this Monday I’m going into full gear to make it last as long as possible.

This varies for different jobs, but I know that I have a little bit of control as to what time I can leave the office. At my publication we post three stories everyday, so at the end of each day I have to have everything in. The more I procrastinate the later I have to say at work. So on the Friday before a long weekend I make sure to streamline my day to get everything I can done, as early as I can. The best feeling is knowing that when I leave the office I don’t have a single thing to worry about.

The biggest problem that I have with weekends is that I love to sleep in, but then I go overboard and feel like I’ve wasted half my day when I wasn’t even that tired, just lazy. So I try and get up at 9 which is an hour later than I normally do, so I still get to sleep in but I’m not wasting the day.


I also love to waste away laying around watching TV but that did the same thing to me as sleeping in did, no matter how early I got. My day flew by and then eventually it wasn’t even fun anymore. I ruined it. So now in the morning I like to snuggle up on the couch with my coffee and watch a few episodes of whatever TV show I’m currently binging and then I try and do something fun! I think my favorite thing to do is walk trails through the state parks, go to the Lighthouse or other things that get me a little active but still feel like a weekend. Or shop. Shopping is great too, and if you shop like me it is a lot of cardio too. 😉


Me on weekend walk in the woods!

Me on weekend walk in the woods

While I try to stick to this routine, I also change it up in little ways as much as I can like going to places I’ve never been or going to breakfast and happy hour.

I also try to trick myself into do things I need to get done by doing it a little bit at a time. Like when I go into my room to change I’ll put a few things away, and when I come back downstairs throw in a small load of laundry.

The biggest thing I can advise is to keep the shop talk to a minimum. It is so easy to fall into bitching about work or just talking about upcoming projects and what not, but the best weekends I’ve found is when I leave everything behind as if the office doesn’t exist. I go back to work refreshed and excited to get done my work.

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