Getting through that first Wax

Now that the warm weather is here that means skimpier clothes and more showing skin, which means I become religious with getting brazilian waxes. I only started a year ago, but it was definitely an investment I am happy I tried out.

The most asked question I get when talking to my friends is about the pain. Does it really hurt that bad? I am not going to lie, the first one is rough. But it’s not unmanageable and there are ways to make it as less painful as possible. I have done a lot of research to make sure that I am first getting the most of out my money and second to minimize the pain.


The sooner the better
The best advice that I can give is to with the shortest hair possible. The more hair the more painful it will be, trust me I know this from experience. A lot of people have the idea that it needs to be long to get a wax, but in reality as long as there is something for the wax to grip you are good to go. 3/4 of an inch is pretty much as long as you need.

Post-period goals
You know how when you get your period everything sucks and pretty much all the things that go wrong during that week can easily be traced back to your cycle? Well a big part of the waxing pain can be caused by your period. Do not go when you’re PMSing or have your period. The best, most pain-free period (don’t mind my pun) is the week after your done menstruating (does anyone else cringe with that word)

Advil aid
Before I go to the salon to get my wax I always take two advil about a half an hour before my appointment. It helps with the inflammation afterwards, and helps kill the pain during the visit.

Spray the pain away
There are also numbing sprays that you can buy to help numb your ahem area. You spray the skin that will be waxed and it will help desensitize. I would check with the salon to make sure to find a spray that doesn’t not interact poorly with the in-house wax. For instance, I go to European Wax and there is one at Sally’s that I know for sure is fine to use in compliance with their wax.

Extra help
Some extra things to think about are investing in a product that helps with something that you care about. While I believe there are ton of benefits to getting wax, there are a few downfalls. Ingrown hairs, bumps and pimples can be a problem for some, while others have a problem with hair quickly growing back or itching. There are products that can help with a lot of that, I use European Wax’s ingrown hair serum, which is a god send for me. It keeps everything very smooth. Pick a product that you feel works for you and stick to it, many aesthetician’s are always pitching me new and different products to use that they swear by. But it is all about finding what works best for you, and just saying no thank you. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars and hours a day on your crotch!


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