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Happy Birthday Cupcakes From Cake That!

As of today, my little brother Brandon is officially 21! Life is just flying by. It feels like I was only legal to drink yesterday and now my baby brother who’s four years younger than me is.

happy 21st birthday

Brandon and I during his first week on Earth.

Since my parents are away and his girlfriend is at school I wanted to try and make it special. Besides throwing a Superbowl party and continuing festivities all weekend long, I decided to grab the best gourmet cupcakes.

Cake That! is a gourmet bakery in my hometown, Manahawkin. The owner originally had a successful career as a professional make-up artist but is now known for the best cupcakes in town. They were even featured on Cupcake Wars on The Food Network. They are so delicious it’s hard to describe. Although I’m trying to stay fit, I thought I’d take a small break for my brother and for the best cupcakes around.

Everyone loves the red velvet cupcake of course I got one of those. And then I laid my eyes on the most amazing cupcake idea.

Gourmet Dirt Cupcake from Cake That!Remember eating Dirt Pudding as a kid? This is it in a cupcake complete with a gummy worm on top. It was even better than I thought It would be. If your in the area make sure to stop by Manahawkin Mart and grab a cupcake, a doughnut or some coffee at Cake That!.

Gourmet Happy Birthday Cupcakes

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