Lipstick tricks for your perfect pout, Kylie Jenner style

While I wouldn’t call myself an expert on creating the perfect Kylie Jenner lip, I am a huge fan and am always striving for the perfect lip shade and shape. Frequent trips to the various beauty departments and stores have provided me with a couple little tricks that help me create a ‘perfect pout.’

Smooth as velvet
One big thing for me, especially during the winter, is making sure my lips are soft and smoothe. I like to exfoliate my lips whenever I do my weekly face masks. I use the popcorn flavored lip scrub from Lush, which is edible. So you rub your lips with the scrub and then you can lick it off. I know others who simply scrub their lips with a washcloth in the shower, or if you have a Clarisonic just brush it on your mouth as well. Then I always follow it up with lip balm or vaseline if my lips are really chapped.

lip scrub

Prepping for greatness
When it comes time to putting on my makeup, the first thing I do it put on lip balm. If you are wearing a matte lipstick this is even more important because it can dry your lips out more end up looking cracked. Then I extend my foundation coverage to my mouth. I try to keep it light, too much can dry out your lips. But still make sure to keep a light layer over the entire lip. Once I look like a complete creep or a ghost, then I put on my lipstick.

Aiming cupid’s bow
The biggest lipstick game changer for me was learning how to best apply to my cupid’s bow. Once a Sephora expert showed me to apply the lipstick or lip liner around the ledge of the cupid’s bow only but keep to the actual lip for the rest I finally became happy with my lip game.

lip line

Follow the dotted line

What are your lipstick tricks?

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