Top Christmas Instagrams to spread festive cheer

Happy Holidays everyone! It is Christmas time, and social media is abuzz with holiday spirit. Pinterest is filling up with decorating DIYs and Facebook is pervaded with top gift guides.

I love every holiday throughout theme, and I always try to dive full in. It just makes me happy to surround myself with things that remind me of each season and evoke memories of years past.

On top of decorating, drinking festive lattes, wearing holiday sweaters, and lighting wreath-scented candles, I like to make sure my newsfeed on all my social media platforms are emulated Christmas cheer. Filling up my Instagram scroll with high quality festive images makes me experience the holidays even more.

These are the top Instagram accounts that I think are the best to follow during Christmas.

This is the Instagram account for a blogger named Desiree. Her Insta feed is a scroll of beautiful and adorable photos, and right now most are related to Christmas. Her blog focuses heavily on all the holidays of year. So during December there’s a bevy of DIYs, holiday recipes, happy quotes and the world’s creepiest elf makes a few appearances, looking shockingly adorable on Desiree’s shelf.

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is ABC Family’s (soon to be renamed to Freeform) 25 Days of Christmas. I love rewatching my favorite holiday films that I grew up watching and ones that are new to the tradition as well. ABC Family’s Christmas countdown is the best way to remind myself of all those classic movies, and its Instagram is no different. GIFs, Clips, Images all related to the best christmas films give me a heads up which ones are airing soon and keep me entertained when in between.

unpolished and pretty

A popular shop on Etsy selling refurbished mason jars and ombré cake stands, this Instagram is full of pretty handmade Christmas gifts and decor. The addition brightens up my feed with sparkly and artfully crafted furnishings, all available for purchase.

Neiman Marcus

While I have to admit that Macy’s takes the cake for in-store holiday cheer, I think Neiman Marcus may decorate its Instagram the best. The department store started a digital advent calendar which it is calling 25 Days of GIFts, featuring a GIF a day counting down to the big day and featuring a product from its Love to Give line. Yes it is a marketing ploy, but it is a fun way to search for gifts and its various other images are a big source for my holiday outfit inspiration.


A blog with an endless amount of recipes, designs, free printables, simple crafts and DIY projects, this Instagram is truly beautiful featuring a sequence of charming holiday decor. The pictures coincide with content on the blog, but its high quality and gorgeous staging that is really what drew me to the account. Many are congregated from other blogs, but founder Kristin always chooses the best, as well as sharing many of her own talented pics.

taste of home

The food publication Taste of Home is a great destination for great holiday recipes, which makes its Instagram feed a long timeline of mouthwatering dishes bound to get you into the baking, cooking or eating mindset. The professional photographers at the magazine aren’t too shabby at modeling the tasty treats either. The publication even puts together a life sized gingerbread house display in New York at Madison Square Park.

christmas lights etc

Who doesn’t love over-the-top, blinding but yet mesmerizing holiday light displays? Maybe the culprits’ neighbors, but I think the rest of us can agree that they are pretty fun and entertaining. Christmas Lights, Etc is a Christmas lights and Christmas trees retailer, but its Instagram feed collects the best holiday displays on the interweb. I could spend all day perusing the account.

martha stewart

How could I leave out the greatest convict homemaker of all time, Martha Stewart? The woman has built a brand that would make any wanderlust consumed traveler want to set up roots and bake cakes for days. The Instagram showcases a span of delightful dishes and decor, which really tops off the season for me.

What are some of your favorite digital holiday destinations?

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